aEngland Rose Bower

Thursday, 1 August, 2013
aEngland Rose Bower

aEngland Rose Bower is a gorgeous red that really shouldn’t be missed.

It’s holo, it’s red and it is flattering.

aEngland Rose Bower is part the Burne-Jones collection that was released earlier this year. It’s a gorgeous red based fuchsia with a scattered holo. Talk about overload that you have to have in your collection. Red holos are hard to come by and good ones are even harder.

aEngland Rose Bower

aEngland Rose Bower, Macro

Don’t let this shy little macro fool you…

aEngland Rose Bower

The shade shot is subtle and shows off the sheer beauty of this red.

aEngland Rose Bower Flash

For some reason, I loved the flash based shots. There’s another for you to see.

aEngland Rose Bower

This flash shows off the pure beauty as well as the hue, tone and saturation of aEngland Rose Bower.

aEngland Rose Bower

This sunlight shot really shows the scattered holo and really glows. This shot, when I processed it, really surprised me. I had a lot of sunlight shots and this one really spoke to me. It shows the fuchsia base, but also showcased this glow that I spoke about. It’s how the holo came into play.


Would you buy this color for yourself?

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À bientôt!



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