Orly – Lunar Eclipse

Monday, 27 September, 2010

This blue is amazing. I wasn’t able to capture the gorgeous purple shimmer that was in it. I get compliments on it – even from people who don’t like blue nail polish. I love this color and I wear it whenever I can, even bumping aside tried and true colors that I wear. I have to get a back up for this one, too!

This lovely polish is part of Orly’s Cosmic F/X for Fall 2010.

The formula is amazing – quick drying and opaque within two coats.

In the shade shots you can see the gorgeous purple shimmer in the bottle, but it didn’t translate well into the picture, but in real life the purple shimmer/flashes were just…amazing. This is definitely a color that’s well worth the purchase.

The sunlight drowned out the purple shimmer, but it is there! But it’s just beautiful, isn’t it?

MAC's Venomous Villains Nail Polish Collection
Orly - Lunar Eclipse