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Orly Ablaze

Thursday, 26 June, 2014
Orly Ablaze

Orly Ablaze is part of the Baked Collection for Sunmer 2014.

I was enthralled with this orange. It wasn’t as bright as I’d have liked it to photograph, but Orly Ablaze is still pretty bright! I have the entire Baked Collection and will be showing you it all shortly.

Orly Ablaze is this insane neon/bright orange with a surprise shimmer. Some may not like it, but I found the shimmer to be quite enchanting! I have an orange creme that is so bright. I don’t have an orange with a shimmer. I fell in love with Orly Ablaze. What do you think?


Orly Ablaze

Orly Ablaze

Orly Ablaze

I love that the shimmer can be seen in all shots. I did the blurry shots so you could see the shimmer and how it added to the depth and dimension to Orly Ablaze.  I was quite surprised by the formula because this was opaque in two coats and wasn’t chalky. I find that neons are normally chalky and clunky; very frustrating to work with. This broke the mold for me in terms of neons. The only one that it holds a candle to is Illamasqua’s Gamma from 2011. I can’t wait to show you the other colors from Orly’s Baked Collection.

I hope you enjoyed what I’ve shared with you.

Until next time!


Orly Tropical Pop
Orly Sparkling Garbage

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