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China Glaze Make Some Noise

Tuesday, 13 March, 2012

When I first saw the Electropop collection, I wasn’t too impressed…then I saw Make Some Noise…and did I ever!

I actually gave a slight squeal of excitement. This is one of those pinks/salmon colors I love to hate. I love how it looks on me, yet I hate it. Is it cool or is it just a flop? Either way, I’m wearing it right now and I am loving it.

The formula on this was a little surprising – it was opaque and with the first coat, it bubbled up, despite my light-handed application. It didn’t matter…I had fallen in love at that point. It is slightly neon-y in person, but the overcast photo does this bad baby no justice at all. Second coat glossed over the bubbles and when it dried almost completely ten minutes later, I was extremely impressed by the mega glossiness of the finish. It was a very Ginger & Liz high gloss finish! That’s a compliment because I love how shiny their polish is when it dries. Putting a top coat onto this when it was dry was a bit like gilding the lily, but I didn’t care – it was a fast drying top coat that would ensure I didn’t mess it up somehow during the week. I’m crossing my fingers and hoping that this color has some staying power!

As always, please click the image to see the full size shot.

I’m a bit bummed this didn’t take on the personality it has in real life. It has a slightly more pink undertone, but this definitely stays on the orange side, too…I don’t want to take this color off my fingers. It’s very unusual for me to wear shades like this and when I do, I tend to wear the heck out of it. Someone said this is a coral color, but I’ve always thought coral was a bit more orange – am I wrong?

What do you think of this color on me? Too icky? Not flattering? I’m not afraid of the truth, just don’t be mean about it! 😀


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