Butter London Marbs

Monday, 20 May, 2013
Butter London Marbs

Butter London Marbs is a gold polish that, for once, I’m not ambivalent about…

…why? On the Butter London site, this color is described as an “…Opaque yellow-gold shimmer…”

On me the shimmer is slight, but I can’t quite figure out if I like this color or not. I’m leaning towards liking it, to be honest. While it really is a warm-toned yellow-gold color, it doesn’t look too bad on me as some colors like this normally do.

I think Butter London hit it right with this – the formula was smooth and non-gritty. It has the kind of warmth that is just right for the summer – nice and golden. It dried pretty quick, a very nice surprise and departure from Bit Faker. It was quite welcome, to be honest.

The shimmer in this is delicate and a bit hard to spot, but once you do, you see how it contributes and brings this color to life. It has almost an extremely faint bronze-like shimmer, but tinted with bits of lighter gold. It’s quite captivating. I’ve never been one to wax lyrical about gold nail polish at all because it’s never looked good or passable on me.

Finally, the longevity of this polish was AMAZEBALLS. I hate that word, but it is totally applicable to the wearability – a week later after having been through doing dishes, cleaning, digging through my bottomless purse…it remained unscathed and chip-free. Slight tip wear, but so slight you’d have to be all up and staring at my nails to find it.

You can see the beauty of this color in the swatches below. For some reason, whenever I looked at this color in the week I wore it, “The World Is Not Enough” by Garbage kept swirling through my head each time I looked at my nails.

If you look good in warm-toned golds, Butter London Marbs is the color for you this summer and beyond.

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Butter London Marbs


Butter London Marbs


Butter London Marbs


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