China Glaze Nail Appliques – Kickin’ Up My Kilt

Sunday, 30 September, 2012
China Glaze Kickin Up My Kilt

I’ve been seeing tons of nail appliques everywhere…and I decided to try out the ones from China Glaze. I was actually quite smitten with China Glaze nail appliques. Come see why after the jump!

First and foremost, I was given these China Glaze nail appliques from a woman whose shop I frequent for nail polish. “Long time no see!” So she threw this one into my basket. *swoons* Anything free…and then it’s China Glaze? Auto love.

I’ve always been a bit dubious of any kind of nail applique, to be honest. I tried other nail appliques before, but was largely unimpressed. I liked the pattern, but the applique itself was utter shite. However, China Glaze nail appliques actually threw me for a loop. They were good. They lasted a trip I had taken to Arizona. I was very, very impressed.

One of my greatest fears about products like these is that they say you can stretch them out to fit over your nail bed. The other brand I tried couldn’t stretch out at all and felt very flimsy. China Glaze nail appliques, on the other hand, were another story. I could feel the quality difference already – it was a bit thicker and able to withstand a few tugging and pulling moments.

Plus, these bad babies had some serious staying power – hand washing, dishes, packing, unpacking, rifling through my backpack and a plethora of other activities that would’ve chipped some lesser known and lesser quality nail polishes. I was very impressed.

Plus, this was such an adorable pattern – my husband’s Scottish (in case I haven’t mentioned it for the bazillionth time) and this totally tickled my whimsical fancy.

I had applied these nail appliques last Thursday and they lasted much longer than their 7 days stated on the outside of the China Glaze nail appliques cover.

Please click on the image to see them in their full glory.

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China Glaze Kickin Up My Kilt

China Glaze Kickin Up My Kilt – Shade


China Glaze Kickin Up My Kilt

China Glaze Kickin Up My Kilt – Sun

The place I got these from retail China Glaze nail appliques for $7.

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