China Glaze In The Rough

Friday, 24 May, 2013
China Glaze In The Rough

China Glaze In The Rough sort of reminds me of Electric Pineapple.

I can’t quite describe the color of China Glaze In The Rough – it’s sort of a bright/not-quite-neon yellow-green/green-yellow. Either way, I love it!

I thought this would go on kind of funny – like a dense glitter. Au contraire! It was smooth, it glided. No patches…it was beautiful. It wasn’t like a Zoya Pixie Dust. They’re both different and I can appreciate both.

What I liked about China Glaze In The Rough is that it was the kind of texture that, when dry, didn’t snag or pull at anything. I didn’t scratch myself raw by accident (OPI and Zoya, I did that with you and it hurt like a mother-trucker!). When it dried it seemed to have a bit of a wax-like finish, but not quite shiny, either.

I think it’s perfect for summer because it’s a bit brighter than most and the fun Texture component to it is different from the usual cremes and glitters you will come across this summer.

While I’m generally not a fan of nail polish you’re supposed to touch when it’s on your nail, this is one that’s kind of fun and bridges the gap for me – it’s not quite as gritty as Zoya or OPI but it’s also not a totally smooth creme.

Formula on this was SUPERB! I was very surprised. It glided on and dried so quickly. Two thin to medium coats and China Glaze In The Rough was perfectly opaque.

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China Glaze In The Rough


China Glaze In The Rough


China Glaze In The Rough

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