Dior Golden Jungle Nail Polish

Friday, 24 August, 2012

I once told myself that I wouldn’t purchase another crackle nail polish. I even mocked Dior openly on Twitter for being almost a year and a half late to the crackle trend. Then I saw it – Dior Golden Jungle nail polish. The swatches made me swoon.

Then I saw the crackle and what it represented…and knew I had to have it. I’m a lover of higher end nail polish. I knew I’d have to pay a pretty penny for this and I hunted high and low, even sending a Canadian friend on the hunt for it once I discovered that Dior Golden Jungle nail polish was not going to be released in the US any time soon. What? What? Whaaaa? WHY?! Who knows what Dior was thinking, but I was really lemming the gold polish in this duo. So there I was, totally feeling the pain of wanting a crackle effect. I tried to talk myself out of it, but to no avail – my heart and mind were set on me obtaining Dior Golden Jungle polish duo.

Sadly, my Canadian friend was unable to find it in stock any where in Vancouver, despite my proffering of baked goods when she is next in California for work. Boo. I had to turn to the dark side. Yes, the Dark Side.


I swore I wouldn’t do it, but I did…and for a product coming from Hong Kong, I was most impressed that the package arrived before my Sephora order coming Maryland. *shakes finger at Sephora*

I applied one coat of the gold polish that was the first step of this, waiting about 3 minutes for it to dry and then added a thin layer of the crackle effect top coat. Now the crackle wasn’t immediate, but when it occurred, it was absolutely amazing – it almost mimicked the crocodile pattern I had seen on my mom’s crocodile clutch she has!

You have to understand, the crackle on this was finer, more organized than other crackle polishes I’ve worn. Those moved like tectonic plates when the cracks appeared. Not this one. It was subtle yet very noticeable and for some reason, I really liked it.

The formula on this was superb – it dried faster than I expected and the gold base was opaque in one thin coat.

Anyway, Dior Golden Jungle nail polish duo is definitely fun to have, but some may say they’ve seen this before…but the polish collector in me couldn’t say no to this crackle!

As always, please click on the thumbnails to enlarge the photos to their original size.

Dior Golden Jungle Duo Box

Dior Golden Jungle Duo Box


Dior Golden Jungle Duo

Dior Golden Jungle Duo Shade

What the camera  failed to capture here is the overall green of the crackle effect. It looks like a muddy green brown, but it seems my camera wasn’t going to cooperate and give me the slightly more vibrant shade of green you see in person. BOO! Bad camera.

Dior Golden Jungle Duo

Dior Golden Jungle Duo Sun

The sun washed out the crocodile effect on my pointer finger, plus, I’m crap at application. However, this duo is still fun to wear!


What do you think of the Dior Golden Jungle nail polish duo?

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