Day 4 Challenge Animal Print

Saturday, 19 November, 2011

So I freehanded this … and oh my, how LOL worthy is this?!

Since I don’t have anything Konad or anything to really stamp with, I had to free hand this. Oh wow…talk about hot mess.

I used Finger Paints’ Blissfully Blue and a purple from CND. I’m too lazy to look…sorry!

This sky blue is my go-to for this shade. I don’t know what it is about this particular sky blue, but it flatters my skin tone and doesn’t make it look all sallow and scary. I use it so much that it’s almost halfway gone. None of my other bottles can boast that much usage!

While this challenge really was a challenge, it wasn’t as bad as the upcoming one based on my favorite movie…urgh.

I hope you LOL as much as I did with the finished result. The darkest color that was supposed to be part of the leopard spot ended up smearing when I put on my top coat, even though I had given it sufficient time to dry. I won’t mention the brand, but I no longer feature it since it sold out to Coty – I think that is a big hint! If you’re dying to know the name of the brand and the color, email me and I’ll be more than happy to provide the information. Or if you just want to know the name, email me. Heck, email me to chat if you like!

As always, click the image to bring it to its original size.

Day 4 - Animal Print Shade


Challenge 4 - Animal print sunlight


I’m doing this challenge with three other girls, so make sure to stop by and see their interpretation of the animal print.

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