Rescue Beauty Lounge – Pink Shimmer

Thursday, 30 June, 2011

I purchased this color when it was about to be discontinued and there was a special sale for select colors to encourage purchasing. Of course I fell for it. I’m easily swayed by 50% off nail polish or 10 for $30. I fully admit it.

I thought this would be a lovely, overly delicate pink that would be the shimmery version of Grunge or Tickle My France-y. WRONG. It looked horrifically beige on me. I don’t know how my skin tone does it, but it had somehow managed to stomp out any of the pinkness in this color and just make it appear beige and blah.

See? It looks all washed out and so so sad. Je suis triste! To make it even worse, the formula for this was not up to RBL standards – it was runny. Mega runny. It just went all over my nail in a way that I had never encountered before. It was a bit startling. My skin tone almost makes this appear like an opaque nude!

There is a faint shimmer that is really pretty but in all reality, that shimmer wouldn’t save this color on my terrible skin tone. I think this color is more for someone who happens to be a bit more fairer than my dark self. I will probably pass this on…or not. Haha. I have a hard time parting with colors in my collection.

As I said this formula was a bit runny – which really surprised me. Despite it being very runny and hard to control, it did dry quickly and with a gorgeous high glossy shine that Rescue Beauty Lounge excels at. I believe this color still has been discontinued.

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