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China Glaze – Sex On The Beach

Thursday, 15 July, 2010

This swatch is for a reader who wanted me to do more sheers…so I’m starting now. 😀

I’ve had this color for ages and was never really motivated to try it. I thought it looked beautiful in the bottle but was worried it wouldn’t translate well into real life. I hate it when a polish does that and it so often happens with shades like these once on me.

This wasn’t a huge disappointment, but it did transfer almost perfectly – it’s a peach shimmer with a lovely gold undertone. Unfortunately, the shade is a bit too warm for me. 🙁

It’s a gorgeous color nonetheless – see below.

It looks so ho-hum boring in the shade, doesn’t it?

Sunlight brought this baby to life, showing flashes of peach, pink and gold shimmer. It’s very pretty, n’est-ce pas? I know I don’t have a color similar or even remotely close to this, so even though it’s a bit on the warm side for my skin I’m going to keep this!

China Glaze - Classic Camel
China Glaze - Paper Chasing

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