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Tuesday, 24 May, 2011

Mr Carinae went to Sweden last week on business…and since I didn’t go, I asked him to get me some nail polish. I didn’t care if it was drugstore or high end. I wanted something nail polish from Sweden…and he did not disappoint!

This is my haul…and of the two of the ones in the middle, I swatched the one in the right, in the black box. It’s called Siw.

It’s totally gorgeous…and I was motivated to do a comparison. Can see it all behind the jump!

Like most of the holographic polishes I’ve used, this formula is no different. It’s moody, temperamental, streaky and all around pain in the butt. Like all other holographic polishes. I love holographic polishes so I was quite happy when I spied one in the bag. However, it seems that everyone and their mother is doing them now…detracting from their once cool uniqueness.

China Glaze even did the Tronica line which, in my opinion, was such a poor attempt at their previous success they should have left it alone. I normally would have snapped it up but when I saw it in the store I was so underwhelmed (that’s being very generous) that all I did was look at it in the display, then turned around and walked right out the door. I’m a huge China Glaze fan and Tronica really disappointed.

Siw by the Makeup Store in Sweden did not! Formula aside, this color really does have what the old Kaleidoscope/OMG collections had – good light dispersion! (There’s a jewelry reference for you.)

You will see holes in application. Again, that’s due to the polish itself. I’ve found that with holographics in general you have to really move quickly – slap it on and hope you don’t have to go over a spot where you already put color down. Otherwise, you’ll end up with holes and streaks in your color…much like how you see in my swatches.

Overall, this formula is the same as other holographics I’ve used. It was moody, but it dried quickly.

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