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LaRosa Crackles – Metallics

Monday, 16 May, 2011

Happy Monday! I’m trying to be perky, but I’m currently going through a tiny bout of insomnia. Mostly due to allergies…thanks to the angry little dust bunnies I had inadvertently stirred up. I should’ve let sleeping dust bunnies lie, right? *sneeze* Maybe not. Anyway, I decided to slap on the metallic crackles from LaRosa. I’ve been avoiding it for weeks now and I figured I’d better get it over and done with before I start to get annoyed with myself. I hate it when I get things and then just put it aside. I’ve decided to be more diligent about using the things I purchase.

I’ve finally decided…I’m not a fan of crackles/shatters. I hate that they make my manicure look gross and unpolished. While I’m a fan of seeing a color underneath, it’s that crackle/shatter effect I find revolting. That said, I’m going to be having a cracklin’/shatterin’ giveaway soon because I don’t want them in my collection. It’ll be La Rosa and all 12 of their crackles, so stay tuned!

That said…I present 2 crackles:


Ok, I have to say…this is not my favorite thing. I put these metallics over China Glaze’s For Audrey. I bastardized a perfectly beautiful color. Please do not hold it against me.

A fellow nail polish buddy gave me the silver shatter of the brand that shall not be mentioned and I did try it. It’s deeper and thicker – google it. You know the brand I’m talking about. This silver is a bit anemic when pitted against TBTSNBM in terms of color (the other is deeper) and coverage.

The shatters are thin, but not runny. A little clumpy yet still easy to work with, but I think that’s just the formula. They dry quickly – surprisingly fast. Overall it dried a lot faster than TBTSNBM.

Despite my dislike of the crackles, I kind of like how they looked over For Audrey…I know, I know! I still think I bastardized a perfectly beautiful color, but it doesn’t look too shabby does it?

Well, there’s your Monday entertainment. Sorry it wasn’t all that exciting.

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