Zoya – Gemma

Tuesday, 26 April, 2011

Gemma is part of Zoya’s Spring 2011 Intimate collection…and she’s quite a stunner! While I’ve seen this shade of green before, I haven’t seen it with a shimmer quite like this. I’m at the point with nail polish where I go, “Oh…that’s pretty. However, I’ve seen this before and I’ll put it at the bottom of my list.”

I almost did this to Gemma, but something about that shimmer called to me. I’m so glad I didn’t pass her up.

You can see the pretty little shimmer just dying to get out. What makes the shimmer so different from the others is that it’s not a pearl type of color – it’s not silver frosty type of thing. This a blue-purple shimmer that’s hard to catch here, but once seen makes you have that total light bulb moment where you go, “oh…ah. I got it!” The green itself was a bit close to a military green that I had fallen so deeply in love with last year I ended up collecting about 6 bottles of the same shade. Even worse, that wasn’t just the lone purchase. When I went through my Helmers, I discovered even MORE greens. Oh dear…But one can can never have too much polish or anything like that, right? I think Mr Carinae would beg to differ, though.

I claim this shot as sunlight, but the moment I busted out with the camera, the sun decided to hide behind a patch of persistent cloud that simply would not go away for 3 hours. In the end, I decided to take a picture because frankly, an overcast shot is better than no shot at all. The shimmer that made me purchase this color is a bit stronger here, but wearing it and seeing it on you is a whole other story! I love this green.

The application is flawless, as I would expect nothing less from Zoya.

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