Zoya Polish

Monday, 15 March, 2010

I keep looking at this color and thinking, it’s the sister to Midori! I’m going to have to do a comparison swatch…it’s darker, edgier with a lovely golden shimmer. It warms it up enough but doesn’t detract from the coolness of the color – if it had been too warm it would look like green pewp on me.

And no it’s not like Midori – my bad! Midori is lighter and more golden…but still gorgeous. 🙂

I was having China  Glaze flashbacks when I put this on. This is suspiciously close (at least in color and shimmer) to CG’s Lasso My HeartOops, compared swatches and I’m wrong. This is richer, fuller…much prettier. I definitely prefer Zoya’s take on this.

Note on the formula – these were 3 coaters for me. 2 looked ok, but 3 really showed the true beauty of these babies…and look ma — NO BUBBLES! It dried fast and smooth.

Will be doing more Zoya colors during the week because I ordered quite a few when we got our tax return. 😉

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