Daisy Nail Lacquer – California Sunshine and China Glaze Crackles

Friday, 25 March, 2011

I’ve never heard of this brand before, but my awesome nail polish guy had this. At two dollars a bottle, I really couldn’t say no. I don’t think you would either!

I felt that posting a nail polish with this name was a bit ironic given that it’s pouring down rain. I felt that maybe, just maybe, we could do with a memory of our world famous California Sunshine. Well, I know I needed it. I hope the rest of you California girls (and non California girls!) enjoy this color for today.

It was such a great shade of red that popped I felt the urge to slap some China Glaze Crackles on them. Some could say I ruined a beautiful shade of polish, but to be honest I was just curious and well…sometimes good things come out of my curiosity. Sometimes not so much. I hope this is one of those not so much moments.

I was surprised at the coverage on this. It was opaque and it dried so fast! I thought it would take forever and in under 3 minutes each coat was done. I only needed 2 coats and I was so surprised and happy. I think that’s why I threw the Crackles on – I was so completely thrown for a loop I just had to do something silly! I like how the red just kind of popped on past it all…despite the crackles!

Not bad for a $2 find. If any of you have heard of this brand, shoot me a message because I’m wondering if it’s worth purchasing more of this stuff. However, the price just may make me have to buy more.

Happy Friday to you all and I hope you have a great weekend!

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