MAC – Wonder Woman

Friday, 18 February, 2011

Friday Reds! Yes, I said reds. It’s plural. How so? Nail polish, lipstick AND eyeshadow? That’s how! Yup. This is one post that has it all…after the jump!

I hope I don’t make your eyes don’t bleed.

The packaging for this stuff is adorable, isn’t it? I didn’t take pictures of my eyeshadows, but I may do it eventually and post it in the gallery.

Nail polish formula was great – wonderfully opaque in one coat and I ended up doing 2 coats out of sheer habit. oops. Haha. It didn’t matter because it dried quickly.  My only complaint is that MAC’s formula is prone to chipping easily and last year’s Blue India chipped in under 24 hours. This one held up much, much better and chipped in 5 days. The chip in the nail polish shows in the Crackle post.


How gorgeous is this red? Like a true red that really rocks it.

It shines in sunlight, too! Too bad I bastardized these 2 colors by placing crackles on top of them!


I know this is a gorgeous blue and I think I’ve seen it somewhere before. Maybe from the Bahama Blue collection from China Glaze? At any rate, this was a great color.

Seriously, how adorable are the bottles? I love that they put the theme on them, which is what they didn’t do with their Venomous Villains collection last fall. Yes, I am still pissed about that!


Hello, first post with a picture of mah lips in it. I didn’t touch up anything and I didn’t use a liner with this color. I may have to remedy that! I know I have MAC’s lip liner Brick somewhere in my MAC make-up case. I think i need to post a picture of it stat! That make-up case is 349058723466 shades of awesome. My then-fiance (now husband!) bought it for me one day when I was at work and he was visiting me when I lived in San Francisco.

I nearly wept from the beauty of it. I think you will, too. I also think you will end up hating me just a little bit. He also bought some MAC make-up AND brushes for me. Out of all the things he’s bought for me, that make-up case, engagement ring and wedding band are the things I treasure the most from him. All together now…”awwwwww!”

And here we have a picture of me…wearing MAC’s Lady Justice (I mislabeled it in the picture, sorry!) quad eye shadows. I know application could have been better, but I was fussing about and when I put these on me, I didn’t even think about taking a picture of my face. Had I known I was going to do it, I would’ve taken the time to put it on and make it look more cleaned up. I also would’ve gotten my brows done before taking this picture. Hell, there are a lot of things I should’ve done before taking this picture. *cough* Like just get my whole dang face waxed!

The Lady Justice quad is gorgeous…the blues are so beautiful. Maybe I will have to swatch it on my skin so you can see. I really have to take a picture of the case, too! So adorable. I will take a picture of me wearing the Valiant quad. Some gorgeous greens in there.

I’m in two minds about how Russian Red (lipstick) looks on me. I used to love it, but over the years I feel like it looks too harsh and jarring on me. Then I think I like the harsh and jarring. What do you think?

Hope I didn’t make your eyes bleed!




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