MAC Earthly Harmony

Tuesday, 1 February, 2011

This color was part of MAC’s F/W 2010 Nail Trend collection. I wasn’t too enamored with the color in the bottle…Then I put it on me. It was, in short, GORGEOUS! I loved the faint copper/bronze shimmer/glitter in it. It saved this shade from being a typical creme greige of the season.

However, I ruined the mani.

See how I did it!

Application was flawless! No bubbles. Quick drying time. Two coats. Nuff said! Look at that faint shimmer – how gorgeous is it? I love that it saves this from being another dull color.

I said I had ruined the mani. How? I put that OPI Black Shatter over it. I’m a bit shattered out. I know a lot of people were excited for OPI’s Black Shatter. I was a bit reserved, and so over it already. I’m seeing it everywhere and I guess the last thing I needed to do was ruin my own mani by putting a shatter over it. However, I was curious. It doesn’t look that great, but it doesn’t look that bad, either.

Hubby hated this color. He took one look at it and went, “Eww. No. Not one the better colors you have.” I asked why he didn’t like it. He said it looked like poop. Gee, thanks for the helpful description. LOL

What do you think?

MAC - Concubine
MAC - Jade Dragon