Butter London Posh Bird

Thursday, 17 January, 2013
Butter London Posh Bird

For some reason, I giggle when I think Posh Bird. However, Butter London Posh Bird is no laughing matter. To be truthful, it’s one I think you should have in your nail polish collection.

Why do I say that? Because it’s actually this awesome taupe/greige color…

It’s also got great application. Butter London Posh Bird does nail polish like this particularly well, in my opinion. They do this great blending of glitter and polish while being able to make it uniform so it’s nail polish and glitter applying in one smooth stroke. There are no discrepancies, no bald spots.

That all out of the way, I found the formula slightly thick, but that is to understood given that this has glitter in it. That thickness, however, didn’t deter in drying time. Each coat dried in a reasonable time of five minutes. It was a tiny bit thirsty, so I did two top coats.

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Butter London Posh Bird

Butter London Posh Bird – macro

How gorgeous does this look?

Butter London Posh Bird

Butter London Posh Bird – Shade

I love how it looks a little purple, a little taupe, a little grey…just quite a little chameleon this is.

Butter London Posh Bird

Butter London Posh Bird – Sun

Here you can really see the pretty color under the silver shimmer…It’s definitely a gorgeous color and one I love having in my collection.

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