Polish Addict Tropical Typhoon

Thursday, 22 August, 2013
Polish Addict Tropical Typhoon

Polish Addict Tropical Typhoon is a pretty lavender base polish with multi-colored and multi-sized glitter.

Polish Addict Tropical Typhoon came as part of the Mystery Box that I ordered back in July. It took a little over a week to get to me – AWESOME!!!! I loved the goodies and I got three full sized bottles and two mini bottles along with a nail file and some nail art goodies. Not bad for $20. I was like, “I can’t wait to purchase another Mystery Box!”

That said, the lack of professionalism I experienced at the hand of the owner and her admin on her personal Facebook business page will not make me a repeat customer. Personal? Business? Make up your mind – it cannot be both, by the way – It’s either personal OR business. I purchased once, but not again. I expected professionalism, not Jerry Springer, replete with chairs being thrown. I experienced a level of ghetto I wasn’t expecting. It burned me to the point that I will not review the rest of the colors that came in the Mystery Box.

Much as I like the base color, it’s simply not enough for me. I also look for uniqueness in the glitter; something stand out – it’s why many look to Indies, right? That said, I feel like I’m looking at a polish that’s been done before by another Indie maker…and it isn’t up to snuff as the original. Dare I even say this reminds me of some Revlon glitter polish that recently came on the market?

Drying time on this was good for a glitter, but it was a bit thin and what you see in the swatches below is four coats total with KB Shimmer top coat.

As always, please right click on the image and choose Open In New Tab. When in the new tab, click on the image (it will triple in size!) to view the photo in its original size.

Polish Addict Tropical Typhoon

Polish Addict Tropical Typhoon, Macro

Polish Addict Tropical Typhoon

Polish Addict Tropical Typhoon

Polish Addict Tropical Typhoon

Someone asked me why I don’t use a light box – I’ll be honest: I don’t think light boxes truly reflect what a color is like in real life. While I think a light box can get you prettier, edgier shots of a polish, I don’t think it’s very realistic. So while my images may not be as richly saturated with jewel tones or deep hues, you are getting a real-life look at the polish in action.

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À bientôt!



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