Butter London Bit Faker

Monday, 13 May, 2013
Butter London Bit Faker

Butter London Bit Faker is from their 2013 Summer Holiday collection.

I’ve never really been a fan of bronze nail polish. Butter London’s site describes Bit Faker as “Full coverage bronze glitter. If you tan from a can, you may be a Bit Faker.”

I do wish Butter London Bit Faker had a bit of a jewel tone to it. It’s a bit too brassy for my taste and it reflects on my skin tone. This was definitely meant for warm undertones.

That said, the formula for this also wasn’t one of my favorites. It was extremely gritty for a glitter – moreso than usual. I didn’t quite know how to react because it had been quite some time since I had really experienced anything like this in the Butter London line…except for…ugh. No More Waity Katie. I really do have bad flashbacks to that color. The application. OH THE HUMANITY!

When Butter London does glitter right, it’s really right – the best example that comes to mind for me is The Black Knight. The glitter wasn’t as dense, but it was still quite gorgeous. It had the kind of sparkle to it that really made me love glitter polishes.

Butter London Bit Faker was thick and gloopy for me. It had bald patches on application because the glitter was so thick. I even added a couple of drops of nail polish thinner…to no avail. It usually loosens things up a smidge so I can get a good shot from the camera. Yea…no. That didn’t happen. It still remained thick and annoying.

Drying time was even worse than application. Maybe I got a bunk bottle. Sometimes that happens to me. It took about fifteen minutes to dry between coats. It was frighteningly wet to the touch after ten, so I gave it fifteen. When it hit the fifteen mark, I was scared to apply a second coat because of the drying time! In the end, I waited for about five minutes, tossed on a third coat, threw on a base coat and then topped it all off with my Poshe fast drying top coat.

Sadly, not only was this polish a pain in the butt in terms of application and drying time…it’s a glitter. You know what THAT means. It’s a thirsty, thirsty top coat drinker. Mercifully I remembered that. I applied a regular top coat before I put on my Poshe.

After all that drama, you’d never guess it was such a problem child judging by the swatches below, would you? The polish looks FABULOUS!

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Butter London Bit Faker


Butter London Bit Faker


Butter London Bit Faker


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