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Butter London – No More Waity, Katie

Tuesday, 5 April, 2011

I know I’ve been slacking on the posts, but the weather has been gorgeous and all I’ve been wanting to do is bake, bake, bake! It doesn’t help that our friend has a farm and keeps providing me with these gorgeous fresh eggs that make a world of difference in my baking. He has given us 6 duck eggs and I’m about to go a little crazy with them! 🙂

However, that does not pertain to nail polish – I know! Recently a friend of mine found 3 bottles of Revlon’s Perplex at Big Lots! So I now have Perplex to compare against Paradoxal and another color with a CND nail effect on top of it. YAY! Slowly but surely coming back to the polish love. I’ve also got 15 Zoya colors coming in and I still need to swatch the Intimate collection. Too much for a gal to do, in addition to doing taxes and the crazy job search…plus, little Rex had 2 seizures yesterday. Inherent to his breed (he’s a Cavalier King Charles spaniel), but still scary to see. He does bring lots of joy into my life and he’s my little guy. I’d be so heartbroken if anything bad happened to him.

I ramble. I’m sorry. Check out the pictures and review of this polish after the jump.

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Butter London – Marrow

Thursday, 27 January, 2011

Despite the creepy name, this color is gorgeous. This is the color of marrow when viewed under a microscope, but when extracted, it’s all red. I’m always amazed at what a small amount of bone marrow can do. If I remember correctly, when a friend’s mother got a bone marrow transplant, it took a mere 50 CCs to save her life – roughly a little under 3.5 Tablespoons. Amazing. But to get that it’s incredibly painful, so to the donor who saved my friend’s mother’s life all those years ago – thank you!


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Butter – Scoundrel

Wednesday, 12 May, 2010

Don’t you love that word? Scoundrel. It sounds so old world and yet delivers a punch…these days it would garner a giggle or three. However, I’m not laughing at this color by Butter.

It’s not a glitter, but a fabulous creme. I happened to like this shade because it’s that cross between a darker shade of pink with enough purple in it to fall into an almost pink/lavender category. However, this shade is richer and just more luscious. How can anyone not love this color?!

Application was a little lumpy and hard to work with on the first coat but it all worked out on the second. Still smells kind of nice and not like nail polish.

For Hubby – Butter's British Racing Green

Wednesday, 28 April, 2010

A lot of the time, my husband misses life in the UK – the politics, the food, the beer, his family…Well, maybe sometimes not his family. 😉 Anyway, Butter came up with a color that was the standard for Britain’s racing cars and was called aptly enough, British Racing Green which was/is a dark green that wasn’t quite forest, but was dignified and very pretty.

Butter London (oddly enough, it’s an American company!) came up with their version of it and called it…British Racing Green. It’s sexier, sleeker and one I’d gladly sport on my nails when I want a sexy green.

Even better news? Butter’s Three Free and claims they are vegan! 🙂 Just a small note – Butter doesn’t even smell like nail polish. It’s not harsh or overbearing.

Deceptive…yet lovely! Looks like another green polish here.

Then hello sunlight! Look at that subtle silvery/pearlescent-ish shimmer that runs through it and keeps it from being like the others!

It's like…Butter!

Monday, 8 March, 2010

Ah…it is like butta! The colors are fabulous, the application flawless…the smell isn’t as revolting as other polishes, thank God. It still smells like nail polish, but it’s a lighter smell — is that even possible? 🙂

One of those eponymous greys for this spring. It’s similar to Chanel’s Particuliere and Color Club’s High Society. This has a bit more grey than the others…it’s nice, but I def prefer Tramp Stamp.

I don’t know why but this color really had love written all over for me. It looks like a light raisin color in the sun, but it’s not. It’s truly a rich, gorgeous purple-y brown…freaking fabulous. The color is closer to real life in the shade shot. Isn’t it beautiful?