For Hubby – Butter's British Racing Green

Wednesday, 28 April, 2010

A lot of the time, my husband misses life in the UK – the politics, the food, the beer, his family…Well, maybe sometimes not his family. 😉 Anyway, Butter came up with a color that was the standard for Britain’s racing cars and was called aptly enough, British Racing Green which was/is a dark green that wasn’t quite forest, but was dignified and very pretty.

Butter London (oddly enough, it’s an American company!) came up with their version of it and called it…British Racing Green. It’s sexier, sleeker and one I’d gladly sport on my nails when I want a sexy green.

Even better news? Butter’s Three Free and claims they are vegan! 🙂 Just a small note – Butter doesn’t even smell like nail polish. It’s not harsh or overbearing.

Deceptive…yet lovely! Looks like another green polish here.

Then hello sunlight! Look at that subtle silvery/pearlescent-ish shimmer that runs through it and keeps it from being like the others!

OPI - you disappoint me
Purple! (and a green)