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*throws up hands*

Monday, 19 September, 2011

I give up. I can’t swatch here in Sweden. I don’t have a fast drying top coat.

What brought this on? The manicure I had started at noon…and thought it was all dry at 4pm – even using the “fast drying” top coat from Face Stockholm. I was quite happy and thought that it would hold out until tomorrow morning when it it forecast to be a cloudy and sunny day.

8pm I made dinner…and noticed my nails were THRASHED. Then I remembered I scratched my scalp at 7pm as I was reading. C’mon – three hours and the stuff still hadn’t dried?!

So no more swatches until at least October 6 when I get back to the US.

Until then, you will have to endure food pictures and everything else I take pictures of with my camera and iPhone.

Rescue Beauty Lounge's Fall 2009 Collection: The Bloggers – Scrangie, Orbis Non Sufficit, Mismas

Wednesday, 7 April, 2010

Last year Rescue Beauty Lounge did a blogger collection consisting of Scrangie (, Orbis Non Sufficit ( and Mismas (

I definitely had a huge love for the colors, my least favorite being Mismas. I only say that because I encountered several purple cremes last fall that made Mismas seem a bit too common. Loved the shimmer running through Scrangie. Orbis Non Sufficit (the world is not enough) is a lovely green creme that was very flattering and not like Orly’s Enchanted Forest or Wandering Vine.

Awesome…I can’t even put it into words…I just know I LOOOOOOOOOVE IT!!!!

The more I look at this color, the more it reminds me of MAC’s Beyond Jealous. It’s still a gorgeous, gorgeous color.

While a pretty purple, I still feel it’s a color I’ve seen before.

Zoya nail polish swatches Zoya swatches

Zoya – Charla – Sparkle Collection, Summer 2010

Friday, 2 April, 2010

Lovely color! I kept thinking of the ocean when I put this on. Sadly, my skin tone doesn’t like it on me. 🙁

Boo over cast days! Did my best to get what I could, but the shade and overcast are frighteningly similar.  Much as I loved this color, it’s not for me. I should’ve known better! However, I can still believe it’s a gorgeous, gorgeous color…just not on me.

china glaze nail polish swatches

China Glaze – Sour Apple and Electric Lilac

Thursday, 1 April, 2010

Surprise~ April Fool! Only fool here was me thinking these colors would rock it on my nail. Only saving grace for these? They dried quickly.

Yea. Hm. With a name like Electric Lilac, I expect you to be electric. And lilac. I wouldn’t quite call this lilac. I would venture to call this a light purple. Glitter was ok on it, but this wasn’t worth the few dollars I shelled out for it. Maybe I didn’t shake it enough. Nah, I know I did. This was the color at 3 coats. I wasn’t in the mood to go for 4.

When I put this on, I kept thinking, “Wow…delayed St. Patrick’s Day for me.” Flecks of green and gold glitter suspended in a not quite neon green jelly base. I think I’m getting too old and fussy for certain types of glitter. I can accept that. This didn’t wow me.

Butter – Thames

Wednesday, 31 March, 2010

I’ll be honest, when I think of the Thames, this isn’t the color. The Thames wishes it were this pretty. Nice subtle shimmer that saves the polish from being dull and lifeless. Another not-so-awful-smelling polish, too! Took forever to dry, though. Hm…What’s up with that?

china glaze nail polish swatches

China Glaze – Grape Juice

Tuesday, 30 March, 2010

I found this gem amongst my many bottles of nail polish…and I remembered why I fell in love with it. In the bottle it’s a bit uninspiring, but on the nails…oh, baby! 🙂

Nice and spring-y, wouldn’t you agree? I love how it looks in the shade.

Sephora By OPI – aka $OPI

Friday, 26 March, 2010

Lately I’ve been into green nail polish. It all started with Nubar’s Going Green Collection and I don’t see any signs of my current green fixation stopping any time soon. When shades of green like Leaf Him At The Altar keep coming out, how can I say no?

This is such a strong match for MAC’s Beyond Jealous, but I’ll have to do a side by side comparison…However, you’ll have to settle for the post that shows the picture. I actually prefer the formula in $OPI because it wasn’t difficult to work with.

Ahh…this color came out the same time as $OPI’s Metro Chic. So I’d say about Fall 2008. I didn’t purchase this until recently. I did, however, purchase Metro Chic the moment it came out because I love that whole mushroom-y, taupe-y color. This is the lighter, more spring version. Think youthful sister, if you will. While I prefer the edgier and darker Metro Chic, I won’t complain if this finds its way on to my fingertips.

Essie – North Fork Collection, Summer 2009

Thursday, 25 March, 2010

I’m late, I’m late…oh well. I was fortunate enough to score these colors long after the collection stopped being seen on shelves. I can definitely see why! I honestly thought I wouldn’t like any of these colors. WRONG! Totally fell for them in a big, bad and ugly kind of way.

This color was the star of the collection, the one that sold out the fastest. It was also the one that was hard to get long after the collection stopped being on regular retail shelves. I was fortunate enough to score the whole set from an e-tailer. I can see why this color sold out and out of the three, this was my least favorite. However, this color did look good on me. I preferred the other two.

This color was very deceptive in the bottle. I thought it was a blue gray while I was indoors, but once outside it really wowed me even more. Sadly, due to the overcast day, you can’t see the very faint shimmer that runs through it – it is absolutely GORGEOUS. Easter is coming up and I’m having a hard time deciding which color to wear – this or Shelter Island, as you will see below.

I kept this color on my nails for TWO WEEKS! That’s a record for me. Why? Because I loved it THAT MUCH. It is slightly hard to find, but it’s one that is well worth it. However, if you can’t find it an extremely close dupe is OPI’s No Room For The Blues.

And just to refresh your memory, here are the comparison swatches again.