Butter London The Black Knight

Wednesday, 2 November, 2011
Butter London The Black Knight

Butter London The Black Knight surprised me in a very good way!

I was not expecting this kind of glitter to really make me want to wear this polish for more than 3 days in a row. However, this is one I am hoping to wear again by the end of the week!

Butter London The Black Knight is a great glitter polish. I like my glitter a bit subtle, but still on the sparkly side. The glitter looks like it’s pink, blue and red. Up close and personal (no macro shot because I wasn’t thinking) it’s so much more – I saw a few flecks of silver and the occasional gold. While not a micro glitter, it’s still small enough and pretty enough. I want to say it’s high quality glitter because it really catches the shine and sparkle. I’m tempted to get a back-up of this because I really love it so much.

I only did two coats, but to be honest, I felt like I should’ve done three because I wanted to see how it would work out! The two coats used dried quickly and I had no problems with application. It’s a shiny black base, but we all know how glitter can be and this was no exception. It was slightly lumpy, but nothing a regular drying topcoat and a fast drying top coat couldn’t fix. It’s still marginally lumpy in the pictures, but the shine is so pretty I think you will forgive the lumpy glitter stuffs!

Final note: This was such a stunner for me that I’ve almost forgiven Butter London for the débacle/clusterfuck that was No More Waity, Katie earlier this year. Almost. Not quite. NMWK really pissed me off something fierce. It was a ‘toss it at a moving car’ kind of anger.

Anyway, come and stare at the photos that tamed the savage, vengeful beast in me…This really looks so much better in person.

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Butter London The Black Knight


Butter London The Black Knight

My camera couldn’t handle the glitter explosion once it hit the sunlight. You really only see sparkle on my pointer finger, which is to the far right. The other fingers sparkled and blinded but the camera tamed it! Bad camera.

Butter London Wallis v BB Couture Glampyre