Butter London – Marrow

Thursday, 27 January, 2011

Despite the creepy name, this color is gorgeous. This is the color of marrow when viewed under a microscope, but when extracted, it’s all red. I’m always amazed at what a small amount of bone marrow can do. If I remember correctly, when a friend’s mother got a bone marrow transplant, it took a mere 50 CCs to save her life – roughly a little under 3.5 Tablespoons. Amazing. But to get that it’s incredibly painful, so to the donor who saved my friend’s mother’s life all those years ago – thank you!


The best of all the shots I took. It’s almost a blue-purple here. Sadly, you can’t make out the faint shimmer.

Now you can see the faint shimmer in sunlight. You can see the shimmer in the bottle while on the nail it’s extremely subtle. I like that. I hate in your face polishes and this really makes me appreciate this color and the brand.

Formula was great in the typical non-stinky Butter way. I loved it. Application was good. Please don’t make fun of the VNL (visible nail line) because I am not a lefty and this is a shot of my right hand.

I enjoyed this color so much I’m having a hard time deciding on which color to paint my nails for going into the weekend: Chanel’s Paradoxal, Butter’s Marrow or MAC’s Blue India.

I may just have to eeny-meeny-miny-mo it…or go to random.org. LOL 😉

Butter London - Bumster
Butter - Scoundrel