Butter London – Bumster

Tuesday, 15 February, 2011

Named after the iconic pants that put Alexander McQueen on the map…and which ended up coining the phrase Muffin Top, Butter London took inspiration from McQueen’s iconic 1996 collection.

I love Butter London. I love the formula…the smell of their polish. I’ve said it before and I’ve said it again: Butter London doesn’t smell like nail polish.

Formula on this was faboo. Dried quickly and was a dream to work with. One coat would have sufficed for this, but I did two because I am so awful at applying color to my nails.

Normally yellows on this yella girl don’t work, but for some reason this one did. There is enough of a slight green undertone to make it. I thought it was the shade. Nope.

Full sunlight shot. It really did work. It was a lovely surprise. I can’t wait to do this as pedi!

Butter London All Hail The Queen ... er, McQueen
Butter London - Marrow