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Glitter Daze Eta Carinae

Thursday, 29 October, 2015
Glitter Daze Eta Carinae

Glitter Daze Eta Carinae was a polish I knew I had to have the moment I laid my eyes on it.

Glitter Daze Eta Carinae was part of the August 2015 subscription box…however, I missed it and ended up contacting the maker to see if she had any leftovers and she did! HOORAY!!! Now in case you haven’t noticed, my blog name is Carinae L’etoile and yes, this is based off of Eta Carinae. Glitter Daze Eta Carinae is a copper glitter polish in a clear base. It’s easy to apply and dries fairly fast. You won’t find this on Glitter Daze’s site because it was part of the August 2015 sub box. However, if you email Glitter Daze, she may have a few left in stock.

Glitter Daze Eta CarinaeLight box shot of Glitter Daze Eta Carinae. Click on the image to bring it to the full size…don’t be turned off by my cuticles. You were warned. Beautiful copper glitter, wouldn’t you agree?

Glitter Daze Eta CarinaeGlitter Daze Eta Carinae in direct light…doesn’t the rose gold shimmer make you want to die?

Glitter Daze Eta CarinaeAnother direct shot of Glitter Daze Eta Carinae. This is my favorite one.

Now that you’ve seen this, do you feel you need to have it in your collection? Will you be contacting Glitter Daze to get a bottle for yourself? I’m glad I did.

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