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Pretty and Polished October 2015 Beauty Box

Thursday, 15 October, 2015
Pretty and Polished Witching Hour

Pretty and Polished October 2015 Beauty Box was chock full of pretty things! I’m focusing on the nail polish, though. There were THREE full-sized babies in it.

Pretty and Polished October 2015 Beauty Box made me super happy. How so? There were 3 – yes THREE – full sized-bottles and a host of other goodies like a yummy Blood Orange Mani Melts as well as some Halloween Nail Art. I’m focusing on the polishes for this. However, each time I’ve received Beauty Boxes from Pretty and Polished I’ve always been very happy.

Just some facts for you about the Pretty and Polished Beauty Box subscription. Also, this isn’t like other subscriptions wherein you’re billed every month. You pay up front for all the boxes. I didn’t mind. I subscribed for 6 boxes and I will more than likely re-sub for 12. I’ve always been happy with what I’ve received.

Anyway, the polishes I’m featuring below all shared the same characteristics of being super pretty and fast drying. They didn’t smell bad. There was no patchy application. It was just all around freakin’ gorgeous as you will see from my photos below.

Pretty & Polished Blood Clot Light BoxPretty and Polished Blood Clot is one of those reds that I love – not quite tomato and not quite true red, it falls into an ever so slight orange-ever so slight blue, but is so pretty that I have to wear it. It’s also a bit of a crelly as well, making this the kind of polish you need to have in your collection. It also contains large and small red hexagonal glitter. They show up in a subtle way. It hints to being there, but you have to look to find them.

Pretty & Polished Blood Clot Direct LightIn direct light you can see the glitter quite well and – hah! – they look like blood clots. This is one polish that was well done and well thought out.

Pretty & Polished Goblin Stories Light BoxPretty & Polished Goblin Stories is a milky white base with green, purple and orange with varied shapes of hexagonal glitter. Very pretty!

Pretty & Polished Goblin Stories Direct Light.

Pretty and Polished Witching HourNow this color surprised me. Pretty and Polished Witching Hour didn’t strike me as a thermal. However, when I put it on, I was looking at the tips of my nails going, “Are the tips darker or is my vision seriously going?!” Sure enough, I ran my nails under water and it changed to a beautiful dark and luscious berry purple. However, I run fairly warm so by the time I ran back to the camera, it was already shifting back to the gorgeous fuchsia you see in the picture.

Pretty and Polished Witching HourSo I thought I could get a picture of the color change in this shot of Pretty and Polished Witching Hour, but ended up capturing the freaking surprise holo instead. Holo. Thermal. Done. I was done. It was too much for me to take. I’m still wearing this, by the way. It’s too pretty to take off.

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Pretty & Polished Back to the Fuchsia
Glitter Daze Hypervelocity Star

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