Serum No5 Flashing Lights

Tuesday, 11 November, 2014
Serum No5 Flashing Lights

Serum No5 Flashing Lights is a surprising polish. It actually made me gasp and go, “I MUST HAVE IT!!!” Now that I have Serum No5 Flashing Lights, I have to say that it really is all that, but all on its terms. What terms are those? Read on!

Serum No5 Flashing Lights conditions:

  • One coat only. You can use two, but results vary.
  • No top coat.
  • No base coat.
  • Angled lighting. LED is preferred.

Still want it? You should! Now…how do you go about getting it?

Serum No5 Flashing Lights dries quickly and is textured, but I think that is unintentional. No top coat because the top coat dulls the flashing light effect of the polish. My swatches below are still works in progress. The best, truest and most flattering shot of the polish came from my camera phone. I was very surprised. However, it was the single LED light on my phone that really made this beauty photograph well. I had done two coats for the flash picture. I will definitely point it out in the shots below.

On to the pics.

Serum No5 Flashing LightsSerum No5 Flashing Lights – Diffused Light

Serum No5 Flashing LightsYou can see the lighting start to come into play with this flash shot off my camera.

Serum No5 Flashing LightsHowever, I think my phone really brought out the better flashing light effect of the polish, wouldn’t you agree? This was two coats.

Serum No5 Flashing LightsSerum No5 Flashing Lights – Direct Light

You can see the grittiness of the polish. No top coat…please excuse the dry cuticles. I was concerned that putting on cuticle oil would dull the shine/effect of the polish.

Now that you’ve seen Serum No5 Flashing Lights, do you think you need/want this in your collection?

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