Cirque Fascination Street

Monday, 3 September, 2012
Cirque Fascination Street

Cirque is an indie brand that I had seen several times, but had never thought to try out. Then I laid my eyes on Cirque Fascination Street…and I was hooked because it was a holo – holla! (ok, that was totally lame and nerdy, sorry)

Cirque Fascination Street is this awesome holographic polish that isn’t quite linear and not quite scattered. It’s just…fascinating. Plus, it’s the kind of purple that isn’t quite violet and not quite purple. It is, in short, fabulous. I actually think that if there was no holo in it, I’d like the base color as is. I’m a huge fan of cremes, in case you don’t remember!

Formula on this was superb – easy to work with and drying time was quite quick, which is very nice to have in a nail polish. I didn’t need to layer it on thick and it wasn’t that kind of holo formula that goes all temperamental and streaky if you apply more than one coat. There were no hollow, embarrassing patches when I used Cirque Fascination Street. SWEET!

The only issue I had was the brush kept popping out of the lid/top when I was painting my nails. I tried to glue it back in, but to no avail, it wasn’t staying. I emailed Annie over at Cirque and asked for a new brush, but sadly, she couldn’t comply. The brushes are part of the bottle, so I’m getting a replacement bottle of Cirque Fascination Street. How wonderful is that?!

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Now, on to the pictures.

Cirque Fascination Street brush

Cirque Fascination Street brush

Cirque Fascination Street

Cirque Fascination Street – shade

Cirque Fascination Street

Cirque Fascination Street – sun

Please note – the holographic effect is a lot more vivid and intense in person. My camera kept drowning out the goodness.


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