Cirque Vaudeville

Tuesday, 2 October, 2012
Cirque Vaudeville

Vaudeville is part of Cirque’s Dark Horse Collection, which is the Inaugural collection for new indie brand Cirque. Cirque Vaudeville is this super awesome shade…come see how pretty it is behind the jump.

Cirque Vaudeville is described as “A muted lavender polish with gold and turquoise shimmer” on the Cirque website. I love lavenders like this.

Application was a bit chalky and the first coat had me disappointed, but after two coats it was golden. I added a third coat because I’m deficient when it comes to applying polish colors. I either get it right or I get it so wrong it all looks awful. While this was chalky in application, which is mostly due to the glitter that just explodes on your nail, it didn’t have cuticle pull. For the most part, this was a well-behaved formula – WOO HOO! What could top that? Why the dry time, my dears.

Cirque Vaudeville had me out the door in under half an hour with a full mani in three coats and a fast dry top coat slapped on for good measure.

What impressed me most about this polish is that it lasted for a week with me doing dishes and my regular life routine. I even picked at some stickers off a jar and this didn’t chip – what more could I ask for?

As always, please click the image to see it in its original size.

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Cirque Vaudeville

Cirque Vaudeville – Shade

I love how Cirque Vaudeville looks a bit lavender, but hints of pink in this color…even straying close to, dare I even think it?, neutral?

Cirque Vaudeville

Cirque Vaudeville – Sunlight

If you click on this image you will see the awesome glitter that is within. While I saw hints of turquoise in the shade, I was unable to capture it. I also failed to get the flashes here. However, do you see the golden goodness?

Cirque French Roast
Cirque Fascination Street