Cirque Electric Circus

Thursday, 11 July, 2013
Cirque Electric Circus

Cirque Electric Circus is this mix of glitter that you can’t stop staring at in the bottle and on your nail.

It is densely packed glitter that you keep looking at because you keep discovering new colors and shapes. Well, at least I did. 😀

I layered it over a color called Mojito Madness. I thought the green would complement the green I saw in Cirque Electric Circus. Make no mistake, this isn’t some blingtastic glitter. This makes you stop and look…and think about the colors you see. It’s fun, vibrant and will be on my nails very soon, on top of a different color. Maybe a blue? Who knows?

The swatch below is two coats of the color and frankly, I think if I had gone for a third (I had three coats stuck in my head for some reason), the swatch wouldn’t have looked as good as it does right now.

The base is clear so showcase the myriad of colored glitter as well as the different shapes – circles and hexagons, OH MY! Unlike some glitter polishes, this didn’t take long to dry at all. By the time I was done with one hand, the other was dry and ready for its second coat. I do think that this is one glitter you would benefit from in having in your stash.

I haven’t convinced you yet? Well, I hope the pictures do the rest of the talking for me!

As always, please right click on the image and choose Open In New Tab. When in the new tab, click on the image (it will triple in size!) to view the photo in its original size.

Cirque Electric Circus

Cirque Electric Circus, Macro shot

Seriously, how can you not be hypnotized by all of this?

Cirque Electric Circus

Cirque Electric Circus, nail macro

Click to embiggen!

Cirque Electric Circus

Cirque Electric Circus

Cirque Electric Circus

What do you think of this glitter?

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À bientôt!

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