Cirque Cypress

Monday, 1 July, 2013
Cirque Cypress

Cirque Cypress was something that I wasn’t sure about. The lighting in my nail room isn’t the best, so I thought it was not looking that fabulous. I was so wrong.

While this is a warm color, the sheer holo-ness, it has enough of a pink undertone to combat the warmth. I couldn’t quite pinpoint the color on this – is it copper? Is it copper-pink? It’s not a rose gold…But it is a warm color. However, the holographic in this color is so strong, it practically washes out the base color.

This formula only needed two coats to be perfect. I didn’t have to dig out my aqua base for it, either. This also dried quickly, too. Another bonus!

While this isn’t exactly a color to match my skin tone, I think I’ll still wear it because I am loving the holo on this. While no polish will ever come close to China Glaze’s Kaleidoscope Collection or their OMG one, I’m really loving the Cirque Cypress.

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Cirque Cypress

Cirque Cypress, Bottle Macro

Cirque CypressEven in the shade the holo couldn’t be contained!

Cirque Cypress

Flash shot brings out the holo, but…

Cirque Cypress

The shade shots really show the holo goodness in all its glory.

Cirque Cypress

So very purrty.

Cirque Cypress

Cirque Cypress, Nail Macro

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À bientôt!

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