Llarowe A Box Indied for July 2014

Thursday, 17 July, 2014

Llarowe A Box Indied for July 2014 is a carnival theme and the names are so fun!

Elevation Polish makes an appearance here and I am so happy. I really love the color, too. Dollish Polish, Contrary Polish, Jindie Nails and Black Cat Lacquer round out Llarowe A Box Indied for July 2014. I’m really happy that I was able to re-sub to A Box, Indied. If you have the chance and opportunity, I’d recommend that you do it. Very rarely are there off months.

Llarowe A Box Indied for August will have a Colors by Llarowe polish! The last time I saw a CbL polish was April’s A Box Indied.

Come and see the colors!

Black Cat Lacquer Deep Fried EverythingBlack Cat Lacquer Deep Fried Everything is a white crelly that is still sheer at three coats. Neon pink, bright blue, green neon yellow hexagonal shaped glitters with smaller various colored circular glitter comprise this polish. I like this, but it’s not my favorite. I’m a bit tired of seeing a white base with colored glitter. Some can’t get enough of it. I can and have.

Contrary Polish Bright Lights Small CityContrary Polish Bright Lights Small City is a beautiful crelly that is a gorgeous slightly tinged purple dark blue with miniature copper flecked glitter…I LOVE THIS. It is four coats and I was debating on if I wished this were totally opaque or keep it as a crelly. I like this as a crelly. This is super gorgeous in its simplicity.

Elevation Polish Atop A Ferris WheelElevation Polish Atop A Ferris Wheel is a beautiful lavender creme polish with the faintest hint of a shimmer. Love this for a fun summer color.

Dollish Polish This Ring Toss Is RiggedDollish Polish This Ring Toss Is Rigged is layered over the Elevation Polish that was part of Llarowe A Box Indied for July 2014. I love Dollish Polish This Ring Toss Is Rigged because there are large chunks of circular glitter with holes punched out! Throw in some other shaped glitter in varying sizes in a clear base and what do you have? A fun polish that embodies its name.

Jindie Nails Freaks At the FairJindie Nails Freaks At the Fair is a wonderful minty colored green creme base with pastel glitter in various shapes. My favorite glitter in it is the blue. I’m a huge fan of blue and green combinations.

Thanks for making it this far.

Do any of these polishes from A Box Indied for July 2014 tempt you?

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Colors by Llarowe Go, Deanna Go!