Colors by Llarowe

Colors by Llarowe Refresh…ing!

Friday, 13 June, 2014
Colors by Llarowe!

Colors by Llarowe Refresh…ing! is a wonderful color for summer.

Colors by Llarowe Refresh…ing! is a gorgeous aqua green with blue flash strong linear holo. This color reminds me of the ocean. It actually makes me think of mermaids. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because Colors by Llarowe Refresh…ing! reminds me of the sea.

The formula dried marginally slower than the others, but is still gorgeous nonetheless. Two coats and this girl was super pretty and gorgeous. Colors by Llarowe Refresh…ing! is part of the epic and I do mean epic summer collection which consists of thirty-five colors. I was crazy and bought them all. I actually don’t think it was crazy, but more along the lines of crazy hoarder.

I have to say that I have yet to be disappointed by the color and finish of all the polishes I’ve purchased from Colors by Llarowe. If you haven’t purchased anything from the Llarowe shop, be sure to stop by and purchase a bottle. Give it a shot. I’m sure you’ll be hooked in no time! Also, if you haven’t stepped into the realm of indies, her shop is the perfect place to start as she stocks many indies in addition to her own line.

Colors by Llarowe!While the holo isn’t coming into play, you can see the gorgeous base color of this polish.

Colors by Llarowe!Slightly blurred, but you can see the holo – it’s nice and linear!

Colors by Llarowe!Super pretty, don’t you think?

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À bientôt!


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