Colors by Llarowe

Colors by Llarowe Danger Zone

Tuesday, 15 July, 2014
Colors by Llarowe Danger Zone

Colors by Llarowe Danger Zone is one color that I was unable to capture and it’s such a pity because this color is a true beauty.

I’ve shown you the other five colors from the limited edition Race Day Collection. Colors by Llarowe Danger Zone is the final one. For a long time, I was rarely into colors like this, but this magenta/fuchsia/red/pink-red really hit home for me. Colors by Llarowe Danger Zone has actually made me more open-minded to shades like this. The saturation on this great and surprising. Usually colors like this are fairly sheer, but not this. This was opaque in two medium coats and the wear on this was quite impressive. I wore it for five days before removing it without a chip in sight.

Because these are no longer available, you will have to hit storenvy or keep an eye out on the other auction site that shall not be named, but I think you know what site I’m talking about.

On to the swatches with comments below them.

Colors by Llarowe Danger ZoneIn diffused light, Colors by Llarowe Danger Zone dances, like it’s waiting for its turn to show you what it’s really all about.

Colors by Llarowe Danger ZoneYou can see a faint shimmer of something special in the formula here in the Flash shot.

Colors by Llarowe Danger ZoneHowever, for me the direct light shot is the one where I think Colors by Llarowe Danger Zone reigns supreme.

I wish these were not Limited Edition and were available because I’d be getting a back-up of all the colors. Who would be able to resist?

Thanks for making it this far.

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