Dior Golden Winter 2013

Thursday, 5 December, 2013

Dior Golden Winter 2013 nail polish is something I was coveting for some time.

I am missing one color – Winter 128. While I covet it, it’s not something that I must have. It looks like a gorgeous semi-sheer milky white with gold flecks. I do have some colors that are similar to it, so I feel like I’m not missing it. However, the collector in me is chanting, “EBAY EBAY EBAY!!!” NO. I also have the manicure duo to swatch and post as well. I’ve been busy shopping, but not posting. Bad me.

I find I really liked all three of the colors for Dior Golden Winter 2013 – as for Marilyn, you can read it all over here as it is a re-promote. I think I should’ve done three coats for Minuit, but eh. I love the shapes of the bottles, but the brush is short and the top makes it hard to hold. I was always afraid it was going to pop out of my hand and go flying all over the carpet or the wood. I’m kinda clumsy like that.

This post is sort of image heavy — you have been warned!

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Diorific Frimas 318

Diorific Frimas 318, Macro, Sunlight

Diorific Frimas 318.

Diorific Frimas 318.

Diorific Frimas 318Frimas was the color that I really lusted after in this collection…so much so I even purchased two bottles. I love hot chocolate inspired colors. This is made even more beautiful with the gold flecks tossed in. *swoons* You should buy this if you ever come across it. That’s not my bias talking or anything. 😉

Diorific Minuit 995

Diorific Minuit 995, Macro, Sunlight

Diorific Minuit 995.

Diorific Minuit 995.

Diorific Minuit 995Nothing worse than seeing how badly I apply nail polish. Le sigh. First world problems. That said, I love this color – it’s vampy and fun.

Diorific Royale 775

Diorific Royale 775, Macro, Sunlight

Diorific Royale 775.

Diorific Royale 775.

Diorific Royale 775Royale is a color that isn’t sold in America and I was extremely fortunate to have a polish fairy send it to me!  It’s a fun, bright, fuschia that leans very red/pink. I think that if this color presents itself to you, you should go for it.

What do you think? Will you get any of the colors?

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À bientôt!



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