Happy birthday to me!

Monday, 22 July, 2013

Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to meeee, happy birthday, happy birthday…

I’m part of a birthday group on Facebook that lovingly sends package each month to that birth month girl. While my birthday is really in July, my assigned month was June. I received all these loverly packages back in June and held off opening until last week…and now I must share with you all the pretties I’ve received.

Don’t hate and don’t be jealous! I got kick-ass stuff.

WOO HOO! Happy birthday to me!

Candy Coated Tips present

Ok, this isn’t the BEST picture of the presents that Jackie over at Candy Coated Tips sent me, but you can still see it and see that I GOT LYNNDERELLAS. She also included some nail art things (in the little baggie – they’re flowers), cuticle creme, a glass file (i love those, btw) and a little baby bottle of Seche Vite. DO NOT HATE!!! Happy birthday to me!

Literary Lacquer present

Amy over at Literary Lacquers custom made some brown polishes for me because I was on the hunt for that color. I have an idea for a mani and I needed brown. Then, to top it all off, she added some awesome nail stuff to go with it…and it complements the idea I have in my head. YAY!!! Happy birthday to me. 😀

Bad Ass Birthday

Amy over at Bad Ass Polish sent me these LOVELIES! Dusk is a color I’ve been eyeballing since I spied it on a blog a few months ago. Little did I know I’d end up in a group where the owner/creator of the color is in the birthday swap group…and little did I know I’d end up with the color!!! Woo hoo! So really, happy birthday to me.

From France with love

From France, With Love. I’ve been watching Tour de France and it ended on Sunday…and the sadness was washed away by these three lovely colors from Barbi in France. LOVE THEM. Thank you!

Orly polishes

I also got a motherlode of Orly polishes, jewelry, a new tweezer (I needed a new one) and a lovely birthday card. 😀 So pretty! Thank you, Erika. <3

More Orly

…and even more Orly polishes! I was sad I had missed these, yet now I have them in my hot little hands…YAY! Thank you, Spencer!!

Hong Kong package

Lovely things from sent with love from Hong Kong. Hello, Catherine Arley!

Package from Penny

The lovely Penny sent me Lynns and some Indies that are very new to me! I can’t wait to swatch them. Zoya Jacqueline is at the far right.

Manicure Addict package

Katherine over at Manicure Addict sent me these colors…I LOOOOVE purple. I am so excited about the Del Sol color change blue.

elizabeth package

Miss Elizabeth over at Lacquered Lizard sent me some fabulous treasures and I can’t wait to try the nail polish stickers…or the Nubars.

Yay! Thanks for making it this far with my meme nail polish birthday post. Hope you all have a great day.



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