Color Club Electro Candy

Wednesday, 12 June, 2013
Color Club Electro Candy

Color Club Electro Candy is this neon/bright pink with a shimmer that runs through it.

I’m a bit late to the neon fan club/party. I’ve never really been a fan of bright colors until very recently – like within the past month. Just to show you how late I am to this, this color is from Color Club’s 2009 summer collection called Electro Candy.

I didn’t know what to expect from this collection. I knew two things: this color is bright and it’s Color Club.

Color Club Electro Candy has a slight shimmer that runs through this, keeping this from being a full creme. Was I disappointed? Not at all. I liked the shimmer because it gave the color some life. I think if it had been a plain neon, I’d have found it a bit dull and boring…utterly predictable. In trying to keep it in the neon family yet still make it that bit different, the shimmer was added. I’ve been told it’s a turquoise shimmer, but I don’t see that. It’s almost a faint blue to me.

Formula for this was wonderful and a total surprise. Most neons or brights that I’ve tried tend to be a bit gloopy and underperform when it comes to application. Not this one! It actually went on nice and smooth on the first application. It was a bit bright, but the second layer really made my eyes feel like they were burning – I can’t wait to try the other colors I have from this collection. This formula was also quick drying as well. Some neon formulas have been hit or miss with short or extremely long dry times.

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Color Club Electro Candy

 See that piece of dust that’s looming over my middle finger? It looks like a blur and I have an arrow pointing to it. Somehow I managed to get a piece of dust trapped inside the lens. The only way I can remove that is by taking my camera apart…or purchasing a new one. I’m not averse to purchasing a new camera. I just don’t want to take away from my nail polish funds. This piece of dust only shows up during shade shots, anyway. I think I can deal with it. I hope you can, too!

Color Club Electro Candy


Color Club Electro Candy

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