Lynnderella Gotta Love Brains

Wednesday, 4 January, 2012


Come see why…


First off, this is a lovely shade of not quite opaque, yet not quite sheer grey with some stunning  shaped glitter. Lynnderella describes it as “Sheer neutral grey base with pink shimmer and scattered silver, gunmetal, pink, silver, periwinkle, aqua and lavender squares and multiple-size hexagons. Also contains holgraphic bars. Spooky. And ever so brainy.” It is totally SEXAH! I layered it over a brand-that-shall-not-be-mentioned and the color is called Tickle My France-y. I L O V E this combo and can’t wait to wear this glitter again, despite the pain in the butt removal.


I purchased this and 2 bottles of Glitter Tamer and I do need to say this about her GT – there is an odd slightly violet tinge to it. I’ve seen a tinge like that before and it was when I –>  bought some polish back in Sweden  <–. It actually changed the color of my polish! This is what Lynnderella’s Glitter Tamer does which is sad because it does, literally, tame the glitter! Even the most thirstiest of glitters completely falls into line with one swipe…Just, it’s a pity about the tinge that changes the colors of the glitter polish.

Finally…Happy New Year. I had all these grandiose plans about posting my favorite polishes of 2011, a countdown and all these other things…but I discovered that all I really wanted to do was get back on track with my blogging. I’ve decided that 2012 will be my year of untrieds because I have 3 Helmers (soon to be four!) with colors that have yet to be swatched and compared. I hope, but make no promises, to have a post of my favorite polishes of 2011.

Happy New Year and may it be wonderfully prosperous and joyful.

Cirque French Roast