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Day 9 Challenge Favorite Color Combination

Thursday, 24 November, 2011
Cult Nails Mind Control

I know I’m late! It was Thanksgiving today and I had to prep…the last of the family left just minutes ago.

I am a child of the 80s. One of my favorite color combinations is pink and black/deep dark grey. I had ordered the Super Powers Collection from Maria over at Cult Nails. We won’t talk about my Unicorn Puke fiasco (I was flying from Stockholm to San Francisco that day and I was in London Heathrow, desperate to find wifi so I could place an order for Unicorn Puke…it all failed…no UP for me.) that much! Anyway, Unicorn Puke has been renamed Clairvoyant in the Super Powers Collection. I read Maria’s Twitter feed an hour ago – Clairvoyant sold out in under an hour. Insanity!

ANYWAY, this color is from the Super Powers Collection and it’s called Mind Control. I’m currently wearing it indoors and the base looks like a deep dark charcoal grey – almost black if you will. Thrown in this crazy sparkly pinky-slightly-purple-lavender glitter. Oh the beauty. Seriously. I had painted one finger and then before I knew it, the other 9 were sporting Mind Control. In sunlight, this color really surprises me. I couldn’t capture it at all in shade or sunlight. It’s just beautiful in person.

Let me get back to my original point – I’m a child of the 80s and nothing embodies the 80s to me more than purple/pink, black/pink, pink/grey, etc combinations. Mind Control really hit the spot for me.

Mind Control was a bit of a problem child. It was a bit too sheer for my liking. I had to do three very heavy handed coats. Drying time was good, but not the best. I got some shrinkage at the tip in addition to tip wear.

As always, please click the image to see it in its original size.

Anyway, on to the black/purple pink combo subtle glitter polish!

Cult Nails Mind Control

Cult Nails Mind Control


Cult Nails Mind Control

Cult Nails Mind Control – over cast


My pictures did not do this color justice. Really, it is gorgeous!

These are the girls I am doing the challenge with – I hope you see what they’ve created!

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