Face Stockholm 32

Wednesday, 9 November, 2011

I normally have 2 shots of polishes – one in the shade and one in the sunlight. This time it’s only the sunlight shot.

I CBA’d re-doing the swatch of this. The direct sunlight shot looks great, while the shade has some dust on it. I thought I’d be all clever and ‘shop it out. Nope – wasn’t gonna happen. It looks awful ‘shopping it out so I went with the sunlight one instead. Here it is…in all its sunlit glory!

Face Stockholm 32

Anyway, I did this in Stockholm with my “fast drying top coat”. Yes, it’s coming back so you can hear me complain. 😉 haha. I loved this color because in the bottle, this is one seriously bad-ass baby. It was this purple with huge swirls of bronze, glass flecks, etc. It really wowed me. It was also part of their Fall collection. I bought this, all impressed and excited. I put it on my nail and thought it was a little, “Oh, it’s pretty…but I think this is Nars’ Tokaido Express…” So sad.

I can’t really gauge drying time because I was in Stockholm. I just know that in Stockholm, my polishes took forever to dry. Like literally, 24 hours. I have posted my frustrations on that issue before, even when I had a fast drying top coat. I promise I won’t re-hash it. PROMISE!

What I did like was that the formula didn’t bubble up super fast in between coats. Either that’s testament to the formula or me. I like to think both.

Happy Wednesday. 🙂

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