Zoya – Marley

Tuesday, 7 June, 2011

Yet another part of Zoya’s Intimate collection for spring 2011, Marley is a delicate color that is quite gorgeous…

Marley is a pastel color that I honestly thought was going to look awful or candy-esque on me. My skin tone usually makes pastel colors look very Easter M&Ms are glued to my finger. It makes my nails look very fake – like I’ve got things stuck on my nails. Ugh. Think 3D nails. Very gross and unappealing.

Then to top it all off, pastels just make me look 900000548q34876 times darker than I really am. That’s not a bad thing, but it’s just pastels are so unappealing on me and my skin…

Anyway, I’m happy to say that Marley didn’t do that to me. Or is it my skin tone that would do that to Marley? Either way, come and see how it fared on me…

The formula for Marley was just heavenly – two coats that definitely dried a lot faster than I anticipated. In two coats it was surprising opaque and easy to work with. I find that with pastels I tend to have a hard time getting things together – it’s usually chalky and streaky or loosie poopie runny and just about makes a mad dash to my cuticles. Not this. I was able to apply this perfectly! I was most happy.

This is a lovely lavender with a strong pink undertone that has a slight white shimmer that keeps this from looking dull and flat. I’m all agog over this – it’s one of my colors that I keep trying to put on my fingertips despite the fact I’ve got nine billion other colors!

How can I resist?!

Zoya Noot
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