Depend – Nr 058

Thursday, 2 June, 2011

I was all excited to see this color in the bottle, thinking it was going to translate well on to my nail…

…but it didn’t. I was a bit disappointed, really.

I had high hopes but I realized I shouldn’t have had them because I never really luck out with colors and formulas like this. How so? You ask…well, check out the pictures below!

In the bottle this color looked like a deep, rich lavender with promises of gorgeous glitter, shimmer and maybe a hint of duochrome. What I got was a sheer lavender pink base that needed to have 3 coats done before it looked remotely presentable. These were thick coats, too! Drying time wasn’t too bad, so I can’t complain about that. Glitter in the polish tended to lump and you can see on my ring finger it looks like a bubble…it’s not, it’s actually glitter that landed wrong and dried wrong. I opted to not fix it because I was too lazy to even attempt to do so. I admit it.

In the sunlight shot the polish looks almost matte, but I promise you it’s not. I am wearing my high gloss top coat but it’s the polish itself. I even used a basecoat thinking I was going to want to wear this after I was done swatching. No. I actually took it off because I was a bit annoyed with the color and the end result. Call me moody and temperamental.

Anyway, I think this particular color would be good for layering. It would definitely benefit being over another color.

Depend - Nr 225