Essie – It’s Genius

Monday, 7 March, 2011

I have had this color forever. Like almost two years before I even swatched it. I’m not quite sure why I sat on it for so long, but it seems I’ve got other colors I’ve yet to do as well…and they’re Essie colors to boot! What the heck?

Not a blue for this Monday because the sun is shining…no green, but that’s reserved for the rest of the week.

Not quite purple with a lovely red undertone. There are some shimmery components to it and in the sunlight shot it is a bit washed out, but the silver and purple shimmer comes out. The shimmer/glitter in the shade shot looks a bit red/orange. However, this color is pretty, isn’t it? It’s not for me, though.

Formula was great – dried quickly and was a bit on the runny side. It was a manageable runny type of thing. It didn’t go right for my cuticle, though. WHEW!

Essie - Showstopper