Sinful Colors – San Francisco

Thursday, 24 March, 2011

I know San Francisco is usually associated with fog so I did scratch my head for a moment or two when I first saw this color. Why not gray and why this greenish-blue?! Then I happened to be cleaning out old pictures from when I used to live in outer Richmond in San Francisco (47th and Cabrillo, yo! ohh…and La Playa and Fulton). One picture happened to be a rare sunny day and the ocean was this…gorgeous greenish-blue.

That was my aha moment. While I won’t be publishing that picture of me on the beach anytime soon (it involves no make-up and me looking all around cray cray), I can offer you the shade from Sinful Colors called San Francisco!

Formula was thin and runny. I had to use three coats to get the shade to look almost like how it does in the bottle. I decided to keep this color on for a few days just to see how it would hold up. It didn’t. It chipped on the second day. While I’m not mourning the loss, I was a bit disappointed because I wanted to be able to say this was a drugstore brand that really rocks it in the wear department. Instead, all I got for $2 was nail polish that chipped and peeled. Oh well…it was $2. It was/is also a fabulous color.

Don’t get me wrong – I’ll keep buying these polishes whenever I see colors I like. I’m a nail polish girl through and through. I can’t really ever say no unless you’re L’oreal, Lancome and OPI as well as others that I haven’t mentioned.

So sit back and enjoy the pretty greenish-blue ocean color that used to grace what was once my backyard in the old days.

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