Rescue Beauty Lounge and China Glaze – Sheer Red and Mrs. Claus

Friday, 3 December, 2010

It’s Friday Red! And the two reds I have chosen kind of rocks it.

I ordered Sheer Red by Rescue Beauty Lounge. I knew it was going to be sheer, but what I didn’t count on was exactly how sheer it would be. Not that that’s a bad thing. Don’t get me wrong. The formula for SR took a little longer to dry than I would have liked.

I thought the red was close to China Glaze’s Mrs. Claus, but without the glitter…I layered it over Sheer Red.

The base was similar that’s for sure. However, the base of MC is slightly more sheer than SR.

With my skin tone, SR ended up looking more pink on me. Not quite sure if I am liking the sheerness of it. This may be the one color by RBL that I’m not too fond of. 🙁

To see the enlarged original picture, click on the thumbnail and then click on the number in the phrase “Full size is blahblahblah x blahblahblah pixels.”

I like Mrs. Claus. The pink glitter shown isn’t looking as cool as it does in person. The pinkness doesn’t shine through. It’s really gorgeous in person.

Sunlight totally washed out the glitter, making it look silver. Very cool looking. I think I’d choose MC over SR for a holiday color.

Here is CG’s Mrs. Claus to refresh your memory.

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