Red, red, red…

Saturday, 16 January, 2010

Maybe it’s because Valentine’s Day is approaching, though I am the most unromantic person for that ‘holiday’.  I used to have my swatches on Facebook, but I hated how images couldn’t be made bigger if you clicked on them…so I came to a blog. Anyway, here I am.

Maybe I’m in a red kind of mood because of Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland…I have that OPI Collection, by the way and will be swatching it soon…like I may cancel my Saturday plans and do my nails. Haha.

For now, here are two reds for you to peruse.

OPI’s A Oui Bit of Red – France Collection, Fall 2008 (and one day, I will swatch that dang collection of theirs, too…by far my most fave!); Taken outdoors in shade.

It’s a thin, temperamental creme…three applications and I still couldn’t get it right if my life depended on it. I am not a fan of shimmery nail polish and this has a faint shimmer in it to keep it from being another “dull, lifeless and everyone has this shade of red” red. I like this because you can do a vintage moon manicure with it. I’ve done that, but never took pics. I will have to do a fun post of it instead of just colors.

OPI’s A Oui Bit Of Red – France Collection, Fall 2008; Taken outdoors in direct sunlight.

You can see every sad, sad attempt at application here. Look at my nail peeping through in the middle finger. My nail is mocking me — “YOU FAILED AT PAINTING YOUR NAILS!!” Grrr…

You can see the slight shimmer running through here…

OPI’s Keys To My Karma – Spring 2008; India Collection; (and I have to swatch that collection, too! It’s been sitting in my nail polish box – it’s got some gorgeous, gorgeous colors!); Taken in shade

Another sneaky, sneaky formula. This was 3 applications. Also good to use for a moon manicure…

OPI’s Keys To My Karma – Spring 2008; India Collection; Taken in direct sunlight.

See my nail kind of peeking through on my ring finger? ARGH!!!

AAARGH! 3 applications. *mumbles*

OPI Fall 2009/Spring 2010 Collection - Alice In Wonderland
China Glaze - Holiday 2009 - Loves You Snow Much