We’re Breaking Up!

Monday, 14 February, 2011

No, not Mr. Carinae and I. No worries on that front!

Dear John (OPI),

I’m over you. The moment the papers were signed with Coty, I decided right then and there we’re done. Yea, you can say I’m fickle, finicky and hypocritical. It’s ok. I still eat meat. I wear leather. I’ll even knock you over for a good pastrami sammich. I just don’t like companies that test on animals. I’ve done my best to not purchase from companies that do and at times I’ve failed (like the 2 colors I purchased from L’oreal that I did feature here in this blog, knowing good and well that they do test on animals). However, I won’t make that error again. I don’t buy Lancome. I avoid Procter and Gamble products as best as I can. I try to stay far away from ConAgra, but they’re so insidious that even my conscientious purchasing leads to me purchasing something made by them or a subsidiary – they are that pervasive…

I’m not going to be with you anymore, OPI. I’m dumping you. On Valentine’s Day. It seems only fitting because on Valentine’s Day three years ago I made my first OPI purchase in over a decade.

I had a long, angst ridden post, but in the end cut it down substantially. I am now saying good-bye and thank you.

We’ve had some fond memories. These are my most favorite. They’re not all here, but these are the ones that really made me think you were the tops…and these were the ones that re-kindled my love of nail polish. Thanks for selling out. Thanks for letting other companies benefit due to said sell out!


Carinae L’etoile

Russian Collection

French Collection

India Collection

Keys to My Karma

Honorable Mentions…

Absolutely Alice

Jade Is the New Black

Pediatric and Breast Cancer awareness mani aka Pink and Gold mani
OPI - The One That Got Away